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Moving is stressful, moving from another state or country is even more so.  

 You need somebody committed to working for you well before you get here.  I can be your rep in Boston, working exclusively on your behalf. 

Work with me and you will get:

 Peace of mind

3D technology and video are great, but nothing beats having a local professional check out places and verify that what is presented online matches reality.

 Local knowledge

 I know landlords in every neighborhood of the city, and have access to not only what is advertised, but also off-market deals.


Good communication is essential

I pick up the phone and will respond to every email the same day.

Michael is an incredibly thoughtful and attentive realtor. I moved to Boston to attend graduate school with no knowledge of the area or how to secure a lease. Michael helped coordinate property showings and facilitated the paperwork process between the rental company and all of my roommates. He was very supportive and detail oriented during the rental contract negotiation process. I highly recommend working with Michael O'Dea!

Alexandra- Jamaica Plain

 Landlords want good tenants. Tenants want good landlords
My role is to bring the two parties together.
Information for tenants


Most landlords have fairly strict  standards in what they expect to see in a rental application, All good landlords will want proof  that you will have sufficient funds to pay the rent on time. 

They will ask for documented proof of:

  • Employment /Sufficient Income or

  • Funds (In case of  a student or retiree)

  • Credit score                                                           In case there is no credit score, Proof of funds or income will sometimes suffice.


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