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Finding a Buyer

More than likely you have received letters and mailings from developers, who have approached you

with a low ball offer.
If  a few are interested, you 
can be sure there are more. I  can help you find a buy and get you the best price with the best terms.

...Your report was thorough and provided a realistic perspective of the market at the time. You listened, understood, and respected the manner in which the family wanted to dispose of the property, no back and forth, or game playing... "

Ms Ramey

Market Analysis Report

If you have a vacant lot and you have no idea how much it is worth, please contact me. I will write you a free, no obligation, detailed report on the value of your lot based on these factors:

  • Location

  • Recent sale of similar properties

  • Zoning and district overlays

  • Greatest potentional use

  • Assemblage                       (combining multiple adjacent lots)

  • Easements

  • Services

  • Environmental factors

Click here to look at a

sample report

Get your FREE, no obligation, report on the value of your land, 

Call/Text: 857 719 6989


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